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Amber Wang

Amber Wang is an award-winning entertainment industry executive and producer with a history of facilitating China-U.S. collaboration. She brings extensive experience and connections on both sides of the Pacific Ocean to her leadership of DFG Factory Group, and the background in both finance and production to manage projects from concept to completion. Among other credits, she produced both The Robbers (2009) and An Inaccurate Memoir (2012), which won eight awards combined on the festival circuit. She is also produced Rock Dog and previously worked as a vice president at Mirage Entertainment, facilitating the company's expansion into China and serving as its chief representative in Asia.

Fabio Golombek

Awarded producer with more than 25 years of experience in TV and movies. In 2002 he founded FJ Productions in Los Angeles where he has produced shows like: “The Hollywood News Report” (HBO), “Sonywood News” (Sony TV), TNT Buzz (TNT) and “Planeta Brasil” (Globo International). His movie credits include: “Bed & Breakfast” (Dean Cain, Juliana Paes), “Man Camp” (Dean Cain, Fernanda Machado), “Like Sunday, Like Rain” (Leighton Meester, Debra Messing), “Experimenter” (Peter Sarsgaard, Winona Ryder) and “In Vino” (Ed Asner, Sean Young). Soon to be released: “Saving Flora” (Jenna Ortega, David Arquette) and “Abe” (Noah Schnapp, Seu Jorge). Fabio is a member of Producers Guild of America (PGA), IDA and NALIP.
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Brad Billington

Brad Billington is the co-founder of Mirage Entertainment, where he handled sales and marketing, developed rides, attractions, shows and movies for Disney, Universal, Six Flags, Paramount Studios and more. Billington already created and produced over 450 live shows, films and productions, always recruiting new talents worldwide.

Clifford Cohen

For 27 years Clifford has been heading Collaborate Pictures, a company founded in Montreal to produce films and print for advertising. At that same time he created AnimAction, a K12 media education program that is still working in schools and communities today. AnimAction enables kids to create their own animated content that’s mapped to school curriculum. It is an award winning educational program that has worked with organizations such as, UNICEF, The World Health Organization, and The Solicitor General of Canada. Collaborate Pictures produces brand films for companies such as Nokia, Sony Bravia TV and Nickelodeon. Clifford’s first foray in film was in 1992 working as Executive Producer on an independent feature, “A Weekend with Barbara and Ingrid". With strong presentation skills, Clifford has spoken at numerous international media events such as, SIGGRAPH, Annecy International Animation Festival, The World Summit on Media for Children and SXSWedu.
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Mark Taylor

Mark Drury Taylor started his directing career seventeen years ago when he directed a couple of short films in Hollywood for a short film series called Cine Poems. The first, ‘Forever’ starred the Welsh actor Desmond Llewelyn, best known for his role as ‘Q’ in over 17 James Bond films. The second, ‘Room’ was a theatrical dance piece and was a finalist at the ‘Dances with Film’ festival and was screened at the Sundance Sunset Cinema. Mark then turned his talents to directing commercials around the world. In his career, he has directed commercials for major brands such as AT&T, Toyota, Sony, Honda and Budweiser to name but a few. He has been charged with large budgets for commercials for media spends of fifty million dollars and his work has carried great responsibility such as the commercials he directed for the introduction and launch of the Toyota Camry and Yaris in China. His recent highly acclaimed short films for AT&T (production budget of half a million dollars) flew across six continents in twenty four hours receiving over 22 million tweets. Mark loves telling stories and has a passion for family content which resulted in him writing the screenplay, ‘Saving Flora.’ It’s about a young girl rescuing a Circus elephant from being euthanized and making the hazardous trip across the American wilderness in the hope that an elephant Rescue in Tennessee wouldn’t turn them away, all the while trying to elude the authorities and a couple of ruthless big game hunters.


Jenna Ortega (Dawn) is best known for her starring role on Disney Channels' "Stuck in the Middle". She also recurs as 'Young Jane' in the Golden Globe winning series "Jane the Virgin".
David Arquette (Henry) is an actor, writer, director, and producer. A fourth generation actor from one of the most prestigious acting families in Hollywood, Arquette was discovered in 1997 at Sundance for his role in "Johns". Since that time, he has acted in dozens of feature films, including the "Scream" films, "Hamlet 2", "The Grey Zone", "Stealing Sinatra", "Never Been Kissed", "Never Die Alone", and "The Darwin Awards" to name a few. Arquette recently starred in "Amanda & Jack Go Glamping", as well as the reboot of the hit 70's classic "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters" on Amazon. He was also recently seen in the indie film "When the Starlight Ends", as well as "Orion", and Western Thriller "Bone Tomahawk", alongside Kurt Russell.
Martin Martinez (Sebastian) has been working in the industry since the age of 15. He has always worked for what he wanted and knew at a young age that Hollywood, California was his destination. Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, he did odd jobs to make ends meet, booking modeling gigs in print and runway as well as acting projects on his own. Two short films he did, “Sweet Pills” and “Love and Lost” were one of a few shorts that were picked to be shown in select IMAX theaters in Northern California. His drive and a strong interest in the industry finally moved him to Los Angeles in 2016.
Leonor Varela (Isabella) was born in Chile, but also lived in Germany, USA and France. In the 90’s she appears in the Chilean soap “Tic Tac” (1997) and in other French and Europeans productions like “Shooting Stars” (1997) and “13th Rider” (1997). Her career in Hollywood began in 1998 when she joined the cast of “The Man in the Iron Mask” (1998). After that she worked on movies like: “Cleopatra” (1999), “Texas Rangers” (2001), “Blade II” (2002), “Americano” (2005), “Where God Left His Shoes” (2007), “Sleep Dealer” 2008, “Ride” (2014) and “All I Wish” (2017).
Galen Howard (Bob) is an actor who got his start in theatre in Northern California. He later interned at the Sacramento-based B Street Theatre, founded by Buck and Timothy Busfield. He is known to Internet audiences for his work on the Smosh and Yomyomf YouTube networks. Galen lives in Los Angeles and continues to work in a wide variety of film genres. He recently appeared in the horror films “Children of Sorrow” and “Reel Evil”.
Tom Arnold (Runyon) started on the show “Arnie Thomas”, but it’s best known for staring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in “True Lies” (1994). He already acted in movies like: “Nine Months” (1995), “The Stupids” (1996), “McHale’s Navy” (1997), “Animal Factory” (2000), “Cradle 2 the Grave” (2003), “Happy Endings” (2005), “Madea’s Witness Protection” (2011) and “Dead Ant” (2017).
Rhea Perlman (Gabriella) was born in Brooklyn, New York. She is an actress and producer, known for “Cheers” (1982), “Taxi” (1979), “Matilda” (1996), “Canadian Bacon” (1995), “The Sessions” (2012), “Getting On” (2015), “Hung” (2009), “Kirstie” (2013), “Pearl” (1996), “The Mindy Project” (2014) and “I’ll See You in my Dreams” (2015).